6 Proper Ways to Maintain and Repair Your Roof

Maintain and Repair Your Roof the Right Way!

We tend to forget the areas of our home that we don’t usually see every day and pay attention to – that’s when exactly a problem may occur. Stay ahead of repairs by doing some regular maintenance and needed advance repairs to prevent bigger damage in the future.

Roof repairs may be expensive especially when the damage is allowed to fester. Your roof also acts as a shield for your home and is faced with different weathers, elements, and temperatures – give it attention and do some proper caring for it, too! Here are some ways to properly maintain and repair your roof for a longer lifespan:

Clean and Clear your Gutters from Debris

Clogged gutters because of debris may cause several problems. They can cause rusting, leaks, decrease the integrity, unfasten gutter and expose vulnerable parts of your roof. The debris collected can also add unnecessary weight to your roof which can add to the strain and obstruction. Clear your roof of from debris gently with a leaf blower, broom or brush. Once it is clear from obstructions, this will allow rainwater to flow naturally and prevent water buildup.

For a more visual instruction, here’s a video showing how to clean a gutter:


Keep Trees trimmed and away from the Roof

Trees can contribute a lot of Debris from its fallen leaves, branches, fruits and more – these can all cause water build up that may start a serious damage. It’s important to trim your trees and keep them away from the roof as much as possible. There are some kinds of trees that can make their branches crawl on anything it touches, these are the types which you should really keep away from your roof.

Remove Moss

Did you know that your roof is also an ideal place for the growth of Moss? That’s because of the wet and humid climate heating your roof which attracts them. Moss may loosen up your shingles and cause some leaking and more serious damage. The proper way to clean your roof off from moss is using Roof Cleaning Products, spreading it across the whole roof and brushing them with ease. Never scrape the moss or use a pressure washer – it will just add to the unnecessary wear on your roof.

Pay Attention to Your Attic

One important thing to do is to check the underbelly of your roof, which you may do in your attic. Check for leaks or missing shingles and act on it right away. Regularly checking on your attic will allow you to be aware of leaks and holes which can cause moss growth.

Check on the Shingles, Seams, and Joints

Be sure to check every shingle, Seams, and Joints for leaks or damages. Leaving any of these damaged may cause a bigger problem when not acted upon to immediately. While at it, look for holes that may be an opening for pests. If you spot a lifted unbroken shingle, you can easily give it a quick fix by hammering it back to place.

Inspect Roof Regularly

This is to ensure that your roof is functioning properly and has no damages. Be sure to look both on the external part and internal (Attic) to have a thorough inspection. Doing this at least twice a year is best and advisable. There are also Roofing Contractors that may help you with the proper thorough inspection.

Maintaining a Healthy Roof will keep you out of trouble in the future and can come with a lot of benefits such as saving energy bills and increasing your home value. You’ll be able to increase the lifespan of your roof and have a peace of mind, too!

6 Proper Ways to Maintain and Repair Your Roof