Replacing Your Cheap Exterior Dryer Vent is Easy and Essential

Getting your exterior dryer vent upgraded is a much more powerful DIY than most people realize. When you upgrade from an old, cheap dryer vent, you’re preventing cold air drafts, keeping out pests, and most importantly keeping dangerous lint buildup from occurring and potentially causing a fire.

Lint can build up in either a cage or in a flapper – both of which accelerate lint build up and offer a serious fire hazard. Some older models don’t have either a cage or a flap, inviting rodents and other pests into your home unfettered. New models of dryer vents use a cap system that keeps cold air out in the winter but prevents the build-up of lint while also keeping out pests.

How easy is it to install a new dryer vent? As easy as screwing it to the wall.

The first step is to remove your old dryer vent hood. There will be four screws holding the hood in place, which you’ll need to simply unscrew in order to take it off.  When you do this, you might find that you need a small amount of dryer pipe to connect the new dryer vent hood. That’s not a challenge to install, and the instructions for doing so will be included with your new dryer vent hood. Other than that, you’ll simply need to screw the new dryer vent hood right where your old dryer vent hood was installed. You can use an electric screwdriver or do it the old-fashioned way.

This is one DIY home safety project that no homeowner should ignore. Many home fires are caused by an excess of dryer lint build up. Keeping your home safe is a top priority, so be sure to check replace your old dryer vent hood as soon as you get a chance. It’s so easy that there’s no reason not to!

Replacing Your Cheap Exterior Dryer Vent is Easy and Essential