What You Need To Know About Weatherboard Installation

You deserve a house that lives up to your standards and preferences. You should not settle for subpar architectural ideas and low-quality materials. Instead, you should go for home design elements that will last longer and look great. One such idea you should consider is installing weatherboards on your house’s exterior. Basically, weatherboards are long planks of wood that are placed on your house’s exterior wall in an overlapping manner. These weatherboards create a wonderful look for your exteriors without costing too much. If you think these weatherboards will make a fine addition to your home, you’ll be glad to know their installation can be easily accomplished. 

Before you start on this project, you will need to obtain new weatherboards, the necessary tools, and materials first. To install weatherboards, you will need a tape measure, a hammer, nails, a saw, a file, a spirit level, two ladder, paint primer, several cans of paint. Plus, you will also require protective gloves, eyewear, and the proper handyman work clothes.

  1. For starters, you will need to take your tape measure and pencil. Measure the dimensions of a single weatherboard and make the necessary markings on your exterior wall. These markings will represent where you will nail the weatherboards so everything will be in their proper place. Take note too of corners and your windows. If there are windows, you might need to cut the weatherboards to make them fit around your windows.
  2. After you have made the proper measurements, you can now start nailing the weatherboards. You should start at the bottom of your house’s exterior walls. Ask someone to hold the first piece of weatherboard firmly and nail them to the wall. Place the nails on each corner of the weatherboard and along its main body. Do remember to set the nails at least an inch apart so it will stick to your walls with no problems.
  3. Once you have nailed your first weatherboard, take out the spirit level to check if it’s even. Now, get the next piece of weatherboard and repeat the process. If your exterior wall is taller than you, getting a ladder to help you reach further will be required. Furthermore, it would be handy to get an additional ladder for your assistant as well. (As you are nailing down the remaining pieces of weatherboards to your house’s exterior walls, keep in mind that you are on an elevated ground due to the usage of a ladder. It would be best if you take it slow to prevent any accident from occurring. At the same time, always remember to nail on the exact spot from the first weatherboard. This will make the presence of nails on your exteriors a lot more organized and pleasing.)
  4. Now that you’re done nailing the weatherboards, the next step is to have them painted. Apply a coat of primer to help the paint stick to your weatherboards. Choose a paint color of your choice and apply them evenly on your new weatherboard exteriors. Last, but not the least, apply a finish coat to finalize the whole process and improve the aesthetic value of your weatherboards.
What You Need To Know About Weatherboard Installation