Help! My Toilet is Overflowing!

Clogged toilets sometimes happen, because life isn’t always perfect.

We expect our toilets to just flush properly when we want them to. This is stuff that we want to get rid of and banish from our home! Keeping raw sewage in the sewer pipes and off of the bathroom floor is a priority. When a toilet is prone to get clogged, or in the event of an unusual crisis, you need to know what to do to keep things from getting worse.

1. Shut off the water

The first thing you want to be sure of when you have a clogged toilet is that the water stops. Reach down to the main shutoff valve on your toilet and turn the water off right there. It’s a simple hand turned the valve on the back of your toilet, and it’s easy to operate. The valve is simple to turn off, and stops more water from flowing out and onto the floor!

2. Prep space

One thing you don’t want to see happen is for water to stay standing on the floor. Grab some old towels and pile them up around the base of the toilet as you work on the clog to help contain the mess. If water seeps down into your floor, you’re going to have bigger problems than just a clogged drain. Keep the water cleaned up as you go!

3. Get rid of the clog

Now to actually fix the clog. Use a toilet plunger with a flange to push the clog back through your pipes. If that doesn’t work, you might also try a toilet auger, which can be a lifesaver if you’ve got a clogged toilet. Either way, if the clog doesn’t budge then you’re going to need to call a sewer service to help out! Getting your toilet unclogged and the sewage off the floor is, of course, the thing you want to take care of the most.

4. Clean it all up

Bleach or another germ-killing cleaner is your best bet for cleaning up after you have a clogged drain in your toilet. Be sure to clean your bathroom thoroughly if you’ve had a toilet overflow!

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