Learn These 5 Simple and Easy Tips to Make Your Home Pest-Free!

Now, who would want unwelcome pests and rodents into their home? Whatever kind they are, they only give us discomfort, make our home seem dirty and they also pose some health risks! As homeowners, we are responsible to keep our humble home as clean as possible and improve the general well-being of the family.

Keep Your House Clean

This is the very first step and foundation of your “Operation: Keep Home Away From Pests”. The cleaner your home is, the less attractive it will be for pests, thus keeping you away from needed bug sprays, traps and an infestation that you would not surely want. Don’t leave any food lying around, wipe and dust furniture, conduct a regular general cleaning, and don’t forget the exterior of your house especially the roof.

Prioritize your kitchen and pantry or where ever you store your food because this is the general target of most pests. Keep it as squeaky clean as much as possible. Consider also having indoor plants that have strong smells like pennyroyal, mint, rue, and tansy – put them on a window sill or near the possible entrance of pests.

Store Foods Properly

This is the usual target of pests, especially rodents. Always make sure that you store your food in their proper places with perfect sealing with no gaps or any way of an entrance that pests can crawl into. Keeping the surrounding area where you store your foods is also a must – ensure that the area is spotless and never wake up to nasty critters roaming around.

Extra Tip: Have some airtight containers and never leave dirty dishes overnight.

Seal Any Cracks and Gaps

The main entrance of pests and rodent are cracks, crevices, holes, and gaps. Now first things first, you will be able to decrease the percent of pests coming into your home when they don’t have an open entrance in the first place. Now start looking for a potential way of entrance for pests and seal them with steel wool, mortar, sheet metal or copper mesh.

Here’s a Simple Video showing how to seal cracks and gaps properly.

Fix Up Your Garden

Let your Garden be your first line of defense – make pests fight with their natural enemies, which are your plants! Bugs disapprove of strong-smelling plants like Lemongrass, Mint, and Rosemary. Focus on this kind of plants and also the ones that attract songbirds since they feed on critters.

Consider a Professional Pest Control and Exterminator

Every Pest Problems are different and require a customized proper approach – and there are no other instructions from the internet that could be better than the ones coming from experienced and professional pest exterminators. Consider to hire them especially when there are signs that you have a huge infestation.

Here are the simplest and easiest ways you can follow and apply to your home and be assured that you won’t be dealing with any pesky pests in your home. Just remember – the cleaner the home is, the less attractive it is to unwanted pests and rodents.

Learn These 5 Simple and Easy Tips to Make Your Home Pest-Free!