What Not To Do When Decluttering Your Home

We like to buy and buy stuff. Even things that are not important. Things that we use for a short period of time and after a while, we get tired of it and just leave it unused for years. These things reduce the free space we have at home. Decluttering is one way to add space in your home. But there are a number of things that you shouldn’t be doing when decluttering. Here are some:

Shopping before decluttering.

Just like what I said earlier, we tend to buy storage pieces and supplies. We keep on buying stuff even though our original idea is to declutter our home by getting rid of things to free up some space. Don’t buy things that won’t fit inside your home. Unless you have space where you can put it. Make sure to declutter your home first before you start shopping for new things.

Finish the job in one day

It’s your day off, then you suddenly thought of organizing and decluttering your home. But you want it to be done in just a day because you have other stuff to do the next day. Avoid this. If your goal is to have a clean and spacious place in one day, have other people help you. If you plan to do it alone, Start small. If you force yourself to do it all at once, you will only stress yourself out. You might even cause a bigger mess because of your frustration. Take it slow. Focus in one space first and make sure you are satisfied with what you did there and that is when you move on to the next space.

Stopping in the middle of the task

You are in the middle of organizing your things and throwing out unnecessary items, but you suddenly feet tired. You stop for a while, you check your phone, ate your dinner, you took a shower, then you went straight to bed. You forgot about the task you were doing earlier. That is when you start to delay your task because you have other things in mind, leaving your first task unfinished.

Letting your emotions get to you

When you just recently broke up or separated with someone special to you, one of the most cliche things that will come to your mind is to throw out every stuff that you got from them or that will remind you of them. You then gather all of the things and you start to throw them out. Don’t do this, you might regret it in the future.

“I can still use this in the future”

Don’t keep a pile of things that you think you “might” or “can” use in the future. It will only end up stuck in your home for years just like how it has been till the day you thought of decluttering your home.

Only decluttering once

You may feel satisfied after you are done organizing and decluttering your home, but your job isn’t quite done yet. Go through your stuff one more time to make sure you have gotten rid of all the things you don’t need anymore because you might have missed some. And also, you should regularly clean and organize your home to prevent yourself from adding more stuff again.

What Not To Do When Decluttering Your Home